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Our taxi mobile solution will maximize your revenue with ease by using our apps. We help you manage and maintain our advanced technology. You have time to grow and dominate your competitors. Attracting new and retaining regular customers has never been so easy.

TaxiMobileSolutions is the solution you have been looking for. Within a few short clicks using our app, available drivers will be able to view and accept pickup requests through our app. Customers will know the vehicle type and driver that is coming to pick them up.

With this innovative technology, you can seamlessly connect drivers to riders by using our apps. We help make cities more accessible for riders, while generating more revenue for drivers.

TaxiMobileSolutions is available for your customers and drivers on both iOS and Android platforms.

TaxiMobileSolutions will white-label the solution for your taxi company. In branding the solution for your company, the solution will have your company’s logo and name, not TaxiMobileSolutions.

You also have the option to further customize our product, based on your unique needs. With our solution, you need not look any further, because our product includes everything that you need to operate your business smoothly, efficiently and profitably.

We have developed this technology in such a way that customers will happily avoid the typical inconveniences of:

By seamlessly connecting riders to drivers through the apps, our product make cities more accessible, opening up more possibilities for riders and more business for drivers. Below are the three modules included in our product:

Customer's application: Customers simply find an available driver using their app. They rate the driver as well as the driver rating the customer. Payment is made through the app. Apps available in iPhone and Android Platforms.

Driver's application: To accept pickup, view customer's location/details, start/end trip and rate the customer. Apps available in iPhone and Android Platforms.

Administrator's web portal: To manage your taxi service business online. Includes dispatch module for call center booking.

Our solution is built for both iPhone & Android phones and is ready for further customizations if needed for your business.


  • Driver login's into smartphone.


  • Driver notices passengers request details.
  • Taps on the screen to accept request and move towards pick up location.

Get Paid

  • Drops the passenger at destination.
  • Taps "End Trip" to end journey and automatic payment through app.
  • Online credit card payment is processed upon completion of the trip

Duty Status

  • Driver goes on duty to be visible in the google map search.
  • Driver goes off duty which makes the taxi invisible in google map search.

Pick up

  • Taps arriving now to notify the customer of arrival through text message.
  • Picks the passenger and taps "Start Trip" to start the journey and fare calculation

Earn ratings

  • On successful completion of the trip the driver can rate and give feedback on the customer and journey.
  • Drivers can view feedback and ratings from the particular passenger.


  • Sign up or login into smartphone to book taxi.


  • Passenger can select car type and view estimated fare quote and time of arrival.
  • Passenger can send booking request by clicking on "book now".


  • The Taxi confirmed can be seen approaching towards pickup point in the google map.
  • Passenger gets notified by the driver when the taxi arrives.
  • Passenger can track ongoing Journey upon google map.


  • On completion of the trip passenger can post ratings and feedback about particular driver and taxi agency.

Get Located

  • Allow the app to locate Passenger's current position (GPS based).
  • Confirm pickup address and destination tapping over google map , no matter whether exact address is known or not.


  • Passenger gets its confirmation from driver showed as "booking confirmation"


  • Online credit card payment is processed upon completion of the trip.
  • Receipt is mailed to the Passenger instantly.


  • A user friendly dashboard to view statistical reports related to all Companies, Drivers, Taxis at a glance.

Manage Drivers

  • Can access to companies Driver's profile and their status.
  • Can add unlimited number of drivers in each company.
  • May handle the Driver's directly.

Manage Transaction Logs

  • Can view all the registered companies' transaction logs.
  • Can view a list wise transaction details along with a search option for an easy access.

Manage Companies

  • Can create unlimited number of Taxi Companies profile as per countries , states and cities allocated to each to manage.
  • Can edit the details of companies and set their status anytime.

Manage Taxis

  • Can add unlimited number of Taxis to fleet
  • Can access taxi details available for each company.
  • Can access taxis features and its availability status on daily basis.
  • May handle the taxis directly.

View Ratings

  • Can view all the registered companies' ratings.
  • Has all credentials to view ratings earned by each driver from each passenger to manage business with an ease.

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